Öka Skating Academy was created in 2020. The academy was built off a desire to reach more athletes, give all athletes the tools they need to enhance their skating skills and positively influence today's youth.

We simply desire to give athletes more...more tools, more knowledge, more opportunity. We know what it's like to not understand all of the opportunities out there... or even not be aware of the opportunities that are out there! We want to help and will work to bring these learning techniques, tools and opportunities to YOU.

We believe the skills athletes learn in their amateur careers go beyond what they can do on the ice. Not only do athletes learn about hard work, they learn how to get back up, how to communicate, how to be a team player and so much more. Not only are these skills useful in sport but they will take athletes into adulthood and guide them to success off the ice.

We are proud to serve three areas: hockey skating skills and power, teaching kids/adults how to skate (Learn to Skate) and figure skating. Whether you are advanced or just want to feel comfortable with your kids on the ice, we have a place for you.


Clothing/Equipment Policy

No person is allowed on the ice without skates, proper equipment or necessary forms completed. No shoes are allowed on the ice.

No food is allowed on the ice. Water bottles and practice notebooks are highly encouraged for all athletes.

Only skaters and coaches are allowed in the players/music box. It is often a large distraction to have others in the players/music box who are not part of a session.

On Ice Policies

Only skaters registered for the session are allowed on the ice and in the players/music box. Each on ice session is different so session rules may vary. However, the following rules will not change:

  • It is expected skaters stay out of the way of coaches and any skaters in an active lesson.
  • Pucks are allowed on certain sessions only - when they are allowed, absolutely no flying pucks are allowed near areas of active lessons.

Refund & Return Policy

Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the director of Öka Skating Academy. The director holds the right to evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis. The decision made by the director is final. No refunds or credits will be issued for voluntary withdrawals, no shows, tardiness, cancellations made within 24 hours (sickness and emergencies exempt).

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