What does [ÖKA] mean?

Öka is a Swedish word meaning  "to increase, to add, to boost, to rise, to gain, to get up, to enhance." *


Create and cultivate the opportunities and tools athletes need to reach their true potential on and off the ice. 


Our vision is to create the best learning atmosphere for all athletes with an environment that is safe, fun and supportive. In this environment we emphasize a growth mindset, encourage the challenge and support all athletes in their pursuit of their goals. 


Oka Skating Academy was founded in the fall of 2020. It was born out of passion and desire to give athletes more tools, resources, and opportunities to elevate their skating abilities. We believe every youth athlete deserves access to professional coaching, strong support systems, cultures that promote success & sportsmanship and evolving learning experiences. We aren’t waiting for these opportunities, we are bringing them right to you.


We are proud to serve the ice skating community via on ice private lessons, on ice classes, off ice training, camps and clinics.


With our services, hockey athletes will enhance their skating skills, regardless of what position he/she plays. Our lessons/classes will give athletes the tools and resources to build a better skating stride, become efficient with transitions, build confidence and balance in their edges and become stronger, more effective on the ice.

When athletes have a strong foundation of skating skills, everything else becomes much easier. Skating skills (and the continuation of enhancing those skills) are the foundation of a strong athlete and necessary for continued success.

Don't let the game out skate you.

A Look Into On Ice Sessions

Our services always meet the athlete at his/her current skating skill level and build from there. As the athlete progresses, so do the drills and skating challenges.

We often start with no stick/puck. We take away all distraction from the athlete to allow focus on building strong skating skill habits/muscle memory. When the athlete is ready, we add the stick. From this point, when the athlete is ready, we also add in the puck, reaction and intensity.

How Enhancing Skating Skills Will Change the Athletes' Game

Hockey athletes who are efficient/effective and strong in their skating skills can absolutely move with less energy expended than those without, are quicker on their transitions, have phenomenally strong edges and balance and can 'do more' with 'less work'. Simply put, they will have ability to out skate their opponent creating more play making potential.

We know the fine motor skills start to diminish as athletes become fatigued. However, athletes who continuously work and build on their skating skills will create the proper muscle memory to reactively use in the game when this fatigue hits. To add to this, athletes who have been using the proper technique the whole game will fatigue at a slower rate!


With our services, figure skating athletes will learn about the sport, advance their skills via lessons/classes and be exposed to different training methods used around the country. Athletes can choose to simply learn the basics, enter the competitive track and/or follow the U.S. Figure Skating Testing track. All avenues will enhance skating skills and provide unique opportunities for the growing athlete.

Learn the Basics

We recommend starting with our Fundamentals of Figure Skating Class. This class will give athletes a taste of the figure skating world and build their foundation of skating skills.

Competitive Figure Skating

New for the 2021-2022 season, athletes can opt to compete! The academy has preselected competitive events around the MT/ND/MN area which will serve as an intro to competitive figure skating. Competitive athletes are required to take private lessons in order to choreograph programs and learn specific elements per level. For more information on the competitive track, reach out to Mallory, at okaskatingacademy@gmail.com.

U.S. Figure Skating Testing

As athletes advance, they are able to 'test' freeskate, moves in the field, dance and solo freedance. Testing events are held at various clubs across the state with certified U.S. Figure Skating judges from around the country. To test (which determines competitive level), private/group lessons are required. For more information on U.S. Figure Skating Testing, reach out to Mallory, at okaskatingacademy@gmail.com.


Not only do we bring 10+ years of coaching experience to our sessions, we bring ENERGY + PASSION + FUN + TECHNIQUE + KNOWLEDGE and more. 

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and making sure each and every skating athlete is taken care of. We truly want to see athletes succeed on and off the ice.