Private lessons are a perfect way to enhance your skating skills. All private lessons are designed to meet the needs of the individual athlete(s).

Hockey Athletes: Gain strength and confidence in your skating skills by developing your hockey stride, learning how to make turns and transitions effective, develop edge quality, power and more. Watch your progress in skating skills directly translate to becoming more confident and efficient in the game.

Figure Skating Athletes: Gain strength and progress in jumps, spins, dance, moves in the field, skating skills and more. *If an athlete is on a competitive/testing track, private lessons are required.

Learn to Skate: Not in hockey or figure skating but want to learn to skate? Our Learn to Skate USA curriculum is perfect for youth, teenagers and adults.


An investment you won't regret!

We are currently accepting requests for 'solo' and 'groups of 2' lessons. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. To help us find the best time for all parties, please complete the form below.

*Please note, all lessons are on a first come first serve basis. 


2021-2022 Season Coaches: Mallory Olson (hockey & figure skating services), Brenna Freed (figure skating & learn to skate services) and Hailey Krieger (learn to skate and intro to hockey services).

Tentative start date: Monday, September 27th

Location: Agri Sports Complex


No reservation is final until further communication from the academy & processed payment. 

Tentative Ice Times

Prerequisite for Private Lessons

All athletes taking private lessons (solo or groups of 2) are required to have an Oka Skating Academy membership (previously know as the Perks Membership). In addition to other benefits, this membership allows athletes to practice on private ice (whether or not they have a lesson) through the entire season.


An investment you won't regret!

Once your lesson time is confirmed with the academy, please complete payment here.

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