Work with us to learn and enhance your skating skills with sessions to improve your skating strides, turns, edges, transitions, power, and more. We offer sessions for individuals, groups and teams. We meet the needs of the athletes and give them the tools specifically needed to improve their skating skills.


**We do not teach the game of hockey - we are a service to better your skating skills - the most basic necessity of any hockey player's game...even NHL player's still work on this!


What makes training with the academy so great?

First, we are fueled by passion and continuous learning. Second, we deeply understand how to build proper skating skills from the ground level and up; whether we are working with a young skater starting for the first time or a collegiate athlete, we have skills and drills for you to enhance your game.


Why skating skills are important for the game of hockey:

Efficiency is key. Athletes with efficient skating skills will show less fatigue as the game carries on. When fatigue begins to hit, an athlete's fine motor skills will start to diminish. Understanding and training efficient and effective skating skills will give your team, your athlete, the upper hand, especially when the skills are above the opponent's. More efficient players means more play making potential and less mistakes, especially in the third period.   

So, we dive deep into how to have efficient skating skills. We focus on the mechanics/technique of the forward stride, backward skating, edges, turns, crossovers, transitions, power and more (in an ideal world, all players would start learning these as soon as they start skating)! We want to give athletes the tools they need to be extremely sound in their skating skills and feel confident in playing their best game.



Build a strong foundation with strong skating skills:

Here at the academy, we talk a lot about our athletic success as being a pyramid. Everyone wants to get to the top but in order to get there, athletes need to have a strong foundation - skating skills. If athletes find themselves catapulted near the top of the pyramid, but they lack a strong foundation, their pyramid may come crashing down.

We always meet all athletes where they are at (in regards to skill) and build up from there. As the athletes advance so do the drills. Our teaching provides a lot of variety to keep athletes engaged and challenged.

Skating skills (and the continuation of enhancing those skills) are the foundation of a strong pyramid and necessary for success.