It's Here! The Fundamentals of Figure Skating Course!

Öka Skating Academy is beyond excited to offer its very first Fundamentals of Figure Skating Course in Williston, ND!


Beginning in January, the academy will host the first complete Fundamentals of Figure Skating Course. The course is 5 weeks long, provides 5 on ice class instruction sessions, 5 on ice specialty classes, 5 dryland training sessions and 5 'on ice free times' for kids to skate and make their own memories.

We recommend skaters be at least 4 years of age and/or be able to maintain themselves for 45 minutes in a guided class session. Helmets are also required for 1st and 2nd year skaters as safety is our first priority (falling is bound to happen).

Skaters will be split into two groups: Group 1 and Group 2, based off age/skill level. The youngest/newest skaters will be Group 1 with more experienced skaters in Group 2. The specific split will be determined after registration is complete.

This course is designed to give the area's youth and their parents/guardians an introduction to what the sport of figure skating has to offer; such as simply learning to skate, advancing to jumps and spins, program creation for performances and competitions and further advancement of skills with testing via U.S. Figure Skating. 

Of course, all of these opportunities come with time and progress and not what our coaching in this course will be geared toward. Rather, we simply want to introduce everyone to the different training involved for figure skating athletes, educate skaters/parents on the opportunities this sport can provide your child/you and hopefully instill a love for skating like we have!

Each week skaters will be have a dryland classes where they will be introduced to stretching, jump and agility training, expression/dance and more. They will also have a 30 minute on ice class teaching the fundamentals of figure skating.

Each week will also provide a 10 minute on ice specialty class where both groups will learn about figure skating together with musical interpretation, field moves and even games on the ice to promote camaraderie. Of course, every skater needs to be free on the ice too.. so each group will be provided 30 minutes of 'free time' on the ice where they can skate around and make memories with their friends (coaches will be monitoring).


Limited spots available. 

Upon closing of registration, all registered will recieve an information packet with further detail.

Registration closes Wednesday, Jan. 5th @ 11:59PM.


Age Requirement?

It is recommended skaters be at least 4 years of age. All should be able to maintain themselves in a group setting for 45 minutes and be able to follow along in a guided class.

How Do I Know if My Skater is Ready?

If he/she meets the age recommendation and is able to main him/herself for a 45 minute class, we welcome your skater to join. We understand each situation may be different so we recommend reaching out to Mallory to get a specific answer for you. 701-351-6946 or

Refund Policy?

Registrations are final. Missed sessions due to sickness, out of town, or covid related do not constitute a refund.

Should the Head Coach test positive for Covid, refunds will be given for any cancelled sessions.

Covid/Mask Policy?

All coaches will wear a mask. We highly recommend and strongly encourage all skaters to wear a mask as well. Safety is our first priority.

All equipment used will be sanitized always.

Coaches will try their best to maintain space from all. However, we will help skaters up if needed, guide their hands/arms, etc. We will sanitize hands often.

Need Before Day 1?

  1. SKATES! We recommend Precise Edges in Minot, ND. Call 701-340-1892 or email Appointments necessary.

  2. SHARPEN YOUR SKATES - if buying new skates, be sure you get them professionally sharpened before taking the ice. If you already have skates - please be sure they are ready to go. We also recommend Precise Edges for a professional skate sharpening.

  3. HELMET! All skaters who are 1st and 2nd year skaters must wear a helmet for safety reasons.

How are Group 1 and Group 2 Split?

Group 1 and Group 2 will be separated on age and skill level. As this is our first course, we will have to see what registration brings as far as participants and make the decision from there.

HOWEVER, our youngest/newest skaters will be in Group 1.

Any other equipment needed?

Tennis shoes and comfortable clothes are needed for our dryland class. We recommend a yoga mat as we will be sitting/using the floor as well as a water bottle.

What If We Have a Learn to Skate Membership Already?

Great! Reach out to Mallory at and she will give you a credit code to use on your registration. Your registration will total $107.25.


***TIME CHANGE: As of 12/30/2020, the times for January 10th have changed. Please see the revised times in red below.***



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