*Updated Sept. 16, 2020 @ 8:10PM*

  1. Where can I purchase a Learn to Skate USA membership? Learn to Skate USA memberships can be purchased through the academy via our 'Öka Ice Package' or 'Öka Winter Perks/Drop In' registration forms. As all skaters who enter our ice with either be a Winter Perks member, drop in, or visiting via rented out times, the membership can be found in these registrations.

  2. What if I don't have a LTS membership or USA Hockey membership when completing the registration? No worries, you can simply write in "not current" and go about getting the appropriate membership necessary. However, before your athlete enters our ice, you must provide proof of current membership.

  3. What do my athletes get with the Öka Winter Perks membership? Great question! This is something we are very excited about. Essentially, our coach will be on the ice for hours at a time providing lessons. That's a lot of ice for one student, so we want to welcome other athletes onto the ice and allow them to skate and practice on their own, at the same. Having a membership allows athletes to do, as long as they remain out of the way of the lesson in progress. In addition to the large amount of ice to practice on, families will receive a monthly newsletter, and receive first call on all registrations/events while membership is active!

  4. What if we have to cancel due to Covid? No charge will be made for Covid related absences; however, that is with proper communication. Not communicating and simply not showing up will result in a charged lesson/no refund.

  5. As a parent/guardian, can I take a lesson with my kid? Fun question! Yes, but this will fall under our 'Adult Skating'. As of Sep 16, 2020 this portion of the academy is still underway. If you are interested in this, please reach out to Mallory ASAP so she can gauge interest better (okaskatingacademy@gmail.com).