Öka Lesson Ice

"Öka Lesson Ice" are sessions for Öka Winter Perk Members. Those with the Winter Perks Membership are welcome and encouraged to come and skate/practice on their own during the session.

Want to come skate on a session but aren't a Winter Perks Member? You can pay a drop in fee of $10 per session, per kid, with a completed waiver. Visit the 'Get Started' page to complete the drop in fee or contact Mallory (701.351.6946).

**Only athletes with waivers, memberships and/or drop in fee are allowed on the ice.**

Öka Private Ice 

"Öka Private Ice" are sessions for students, privately rented via the academy. These sessions are not open to others.

Lesson Schedule

The calendar for lessons can be found via the TeamSnap portal.

  • Login via the app on your phone or online.

  • Under the team 'Öka Winter Lessons Students, 20-21" which all paid students will be automatically rostered to

  • Click 'Schedule'.

Get the App

Please be sure to accept the invite to join TeamSnap! If you are missing the invite, let Mallory know and it will be resent.

Öka Lesson Ice Schedule